UMCA as an international body

There are now UMCA members from at least 19 different countries. Some of these members said they joined the UMCA to ride on friendly, lower trafficking USA roads and have overseas adventures. Some Americans also went overseas to ride in ultra events.

Starting in 2006, the UMCA Managing Director decided to change the UMCA logo from a USA theme design to a global theme. They are working hard to make the UMCA an international organization. Recently, the World Cup program was created. This international movement was created without consulting the Board of Directors or even the organizers of the events, which comprise the UMCA's proposed World Cup. (According to the UMCA Constitution, the Managing Director is, however, allowed to do this and it's not a violation.)

Some UMCA members on both sides of the globe have expressed concern for the UMCA expanding its resources overseas. The UMCA started out as a USA-based organization with USA ideas and rules. Pushing our ideas (rules and regulations, etc.) on the international cycling culture, with vast more experience than us, may not be accepted, and possibly insulting to our neighbors overseas. This could be very counter productive to the UMCA. The known established and recognized international organizations are the ones set up to be international from the start. The UMCA was strongly advised to align itself or be an adjunct to an established international organization, rather than trying to be an international leader themselves. As far as anyone currently knows, the UMCA is ignoring the possible negative circumstances and fallout resulting from this movement.

The old logo is on the left, the new is on the right.


Patrick Francois said...

Bonjour a tous,

Your initiative and the predicted war with J.H and friends , are bold and exemplary. However, I feel an unaccomplished feeling because SAVEUMCA team is strangely anonymous..
A legitimate fight like this one must be conducted on an open battlefield and it looks necessary to know who are the fighters...

Patrick François
AEC President
RPE organizer
Cycling for All, Head of Mission. French Cycling Federation.

SaveUMCA Team said...

We recently added a post about who we are. We have to remain anonymous apart from the spokeperson, which is me.

We spoke with you over the pass year about the international stuff and we considered your input when writing the post.

If you e-mail me directly, I can tell you more.

Hope that helps.

Mavis Irwin

Patrick François said...

Ok, I see I can't judge "if that helps"...
As you perfectly know, I do'nt recognize the UMCA as an international body, the rules are dark and the status not clear at all.
And the past year you refer too, I did not hearded clear talks on this subject, including from your team.

I got out the RPE from the RAAM qualifiers list 3 years ago, the RPE and the RATA in Austria, the two European Ultra Cycling most popular events are outside the UMCA.
I think that the "World and Europe cups" are pure fantasy, political deals which are destinated to the till of the RAAM, it's unacceptable.

For these reasons, I consider that Ultra Cycling must have its own way in Europe outside the battle you 're going to involve.

Naturally we 'll inform you about the following.
Good luck.

Patrick François