Problems with the UMCA/RAAM Contract

Based on published material involving the contract between the UMCA and RAAM LLC and the fact that the RAAM contract will always be private, here are some points not discussed in the UMCA’s published report:

1) RAAM LLC has licensing rights to host RAAM for the next five years. There are no clear explanations on the renewal terms of the agreement. What happens if RAAM LLC does a poor job in hosting RAAM? Does the UMCA conduct a Board vote after the fifth year and decide whether or not to renew the contract? What if some of the partners in RAAM LLC are on the UMCA Board of Directors? Do they rescue themselves from the vote or do they get to vote?

2) It is stated that after each race, RAAM and the UMCA Officers will review the race. What does that mean? Does this have anything to do with competency or accountability in RAAM LLC’s proficiency in producing the race? If RAAM LLC proves to be incompetent in their ability to produce a race, what can the UMCA do about this? Is the contract crafted in a way that gives RAAM LLC total non accountability in their actions? Even if there is a way for the UMCA to nullify the license before the end of the contract, is this done with a Board vote? If so, what if several of the Board members are investors in RAAM LLC. Once again, this conflict of interest situation occurs.

3) What if a third party wants to purchase RAAM? What are the terms of the contract concerning the sale of RAAM to someone else? Who gets the money, how is it divided up? Who decides on whether or not to sell?

4) How does the UMCA handle the several conflict of interest situations that do currently exist and will likely always exist under the current terms of the UMCA/RAAM agreement? Did the UMCA propose these situations to their attorney? If so, what did the attorney say, what are the legalities of this situation? Is this contract good or bad for the UMCA?

The waiting game

John Marino, the co-founder and UMCA member #1, sent a 13-page report to the UMCA government. This report was mostly based on logical assumptions based on the behavior and actions of particular people within the UMCA Board, who are also part of RAAM, LLC. This report focused on the illegality of the contract between the UMCA and RAAM, LLC being off limits to the full UMCA Board of Directors. The report demonstrated reasons why RAAM, LLC is so committed to have the UMCA own RAAM. There are still many questions still unanswered. This report was sent on Jan 6th and Marino said he did hear from Joe Jamison a couple of time, but it felt like a waiting game being played on him. Not even the simplest questions were answered as one may see in Mavis’s latest multiple choice letters to UMCA for those questions going unanswered for a long time now.

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