Trying to hide the old public records?

Curiosity, an independent non-UMCA member enjoying the ultracycling sport kindly moved 7 years of ultracycling posts from topica to a new ultracycling list on the google server months before the UMCA-owned ultracycling google list was set up. His purpose was to give the ultracyclists a more dependable list than the lagging topica. One can wonder: Was the Managing Director trying to put the public records of his past actions under rocks? This google list with 7 years of topica posts were what the Managing Director himself publicly mischaracterized at least twice.

Reference: Purpose of Joe Gross setting up the google list and waiting for making the move official.

Joe Gross's comments when Managing Director decided to make his own google list instead.

The Managing Director mischaracterizing the "Joe Gross's" list.

Joe Gross's reply to the major mischaracterizing.

Managing Director's last mischaracterizing and reply.

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