Control of communating channels

The control of what goes into the UMCA magazine is one thing.

Trying to control the UMCA on-line forum is another thing.

To those who may remember, the UMCA started an open forum on the Topica site for discussion of things related to ultra marathon cycling. Since the actions of the Managing Director were being criticized on a regular basis, he shut down the Topica site. He started a new forum under the Google server with the ability to censor posts, and prohibited all political discussions. In summary, he silenced his critics.

It was recorded that one UMCA member did dare to test the enforcement of the UMCA-controlled new Google list. He has now been banned from this list. Interestingly, one of the candidates who won the May 2007 late election violated the new list's “no politics rule” on several occasions. Even with these banned posting by this elected Board of Director member, he was later made the UMCA's new Vice President. (Unable to provide links because this Google list can't be viewed by non-members.)

The UMCA members are now left with literally no freedom of speech through the UMCA channels. Yes, there is now an UMCA-controlled yahoo group list for political issues, but anyone who dares to question someone's actions (such as the Managing Director) can be booted off by him.

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