The RAAM name is the real item of value and the UMCA owns it, but does the UMCA really control it?

In actuality, some private investors in RAAM LLC are doing everything in their power to control the UMCA government. Is this the motivation behind all the “shenanigans” within the leadership of the UMCA? Is there a method to this madness?

For review, we are providing examples of what actually happened or are happening. None of it is lies or jokes. We separated them into two groups. The first was already covered in more detail throughout the blog. The second group are the bits we will be happy to review upon request (the blog is getting long and it was a heavy time investing project.)

Already detailed in the blog:

Crafting an unfair election, creating cleaver changes to the Bylaws, not abiding by some Bylaws, spinning information on the web side and Ultra Cycling magazine, keeping certain individuals off the Board, keeping the UMCA voting population at a minimum, abusing the public mailing list, not providing business documents to Board members who are not in “lock step” with RAAM LLC, abusing the privacy of members who wish to remain private, creating committees to reject members from being able to run for the Board, allowing members who publicly resign from the UMCA to somehow “privately” become officers of the UMCA, shutting down public on-line forums, censoring other on-line forums, not allowing “Letters to the Editor” in the UMCA magazine, lying to UMCA members, allowing the CEO of RAAM LLC to be on the Board when the Bylaws clearly prohibit this, delaying Board elections by 4-6 months, not submitting financial reports on a timely basis, Board members quitting with disgust and speaking out, the UMCA leadership picks their favorite Board members and figures out how to get them elected, editing biographies in the voter package, not providing mailing lists to undesirable Board candidates, crafting a flawed contract to purchase RAAM, not including the UMCA Board in business dealings, allowing Board members to rule on matters that present clear conflicts of interest situations.

Available for review upon request:

Accusing others of trying to destroy the UMCA and RAAM, threatening lawsuits against some whistleblowers, making members promise not to sue, marginalizing some dissenting Board members, silencing key UMCA members with legal threats to prevent speaking publicly, not allowing certain Board members to view the UMCA mailing list to verify the number of members, not allowing certain members of the Board to see the UMCA/RAAM LLC contract, giving the Managing Director a raise in salary without full Board approval per the Bylaws.

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