Predictions of what will happen next

Based on what has transpired in the UMCA up until this point in time, these are only predictions. Should these come true, we will not be surprised. (The UMCA has not surprised us for a long time now.)

Prediction #1: When the current Managing Director's contract expires, a new contract will be written by the same Executive Committee members that decided that there were no violations of Bylaws, regardless of all the evidence that has been presented. This new contract will likely not be shown to the UMCA members, who are legally the owners of the UMCA and have legal rights to view these UMCA contracts.

Prediction #2: The current Managing Director, who was in this position for the pass nine years, may continue, or turn over his reigns to somebody he knows will handle things similar to how he did them. (We will not say names, but we know of a few possible candidates. It’s scary.) We do have a volunteer, Lou Lamoureux, interested in the position and has plans to make the UMCA grow quicker. UMCA chose to publicly tell him how hard the job was and will likely continue to keep him out of UMCA's government system. There are no known report of UMCA seeing his resume and in-detail plans he provided to people who asked him offline.

Reference: UMCA Managing Director Position volunteer.

UMCA's public comments relating managing director position volunteering.

Prediction #3: The Board will change the Constitution and Bylaws, so it will be in harmony with the RAAM Sale. They do know there are changes they need to make in the Constitution and Bylaws. Update on December 2007: No change were done to make the UMCA-RAAM partnership legal in the UMCA's Constitution and Bylaws in the October 22nd, 2007 Bylaw amending meeting. Update on June 2008: Still no public report of the change. Thus, the partnership is violating the UMCA Constitution and Bylaw for 1 and 1/2 years now.

Prediction #4: The UMCA government is leaning towards a ban of all future campaigning by candidates. Their reason was due to “aggressive campaigning” in the last election. How many of the 12 “screwed up” candidates were aggressive? In reality, the six winning candidates were the beneficiaries of 'insider' campaigning efforts by our UMCA Managing Director and his loyal Board member/friend.

Prediction #5: The Executive Committee will continue to take full control of things with the inputs of the RAAM wing. The remaining members of the Board of Directors will continue to be largely ignored when they raise ideas and questions.

Prediction #6: If any UMCA members at large e-mail the Board about something serious, the members in the Executive Committee will say something along these lines: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will get back to you shortly." Then they typically neglect their duty to meaningfully reply to dues-paying UMCA members. (This is already happening.)

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