Questions we need to ask ourselves


1) Do you feel the UMCA should put your company’s logo on the UMCA’s homepage after all of these years, especially if you donated money/equipment to UMCA?

2) How did you feel about having your logo in small print on the back of RAAM's $20 T-shirts in 2007?


1) The UMCA did thank all of you, like old friends, but were you ever aware and concerned about the UMCA’s questionable actions, such as those impossible to deny, listed in this blog?

12/24/48 Event Directors:

1) How do you feel about RAAM overshadowing your events on the website and in the magazines?

2) Sure, the UMCA has a couple of programs in place devoted to your events, but do you ever feel it is helping to make your events better known?

3) Do you think the space in the UMCA magazines can be better used to cover your events? Instead, 20-50 pages of the 60-100 per year are filled with updated names and lists. (These types of lists are more suited for updates on the UMCA website.)

4) How do you feel about the RAAM Program being released 6 days after the start of RAAM with over 30 pages of information already found on the RAAM website? Would you prefer that some of that space be used for your summertime events or programs that actually involve you?

UMCA current and former members:

1) Did you ever win an event, placed high in the standings, or break a record, but get more ink in the UMCA magazine for having DNF'd?

2) Do you feel that your $35 per year membership dues were fair after you were denied your right to have UMCA Bylaw violations investigated? Do you think it is right for a member who breaks a cycling record to wait for as long as 6 months for the magazine to recognize and announce this accomplishment? Should you be expected to use your own stamp and envelope to send in your voting ballot? How do you feel when UMCA magazines arrive 1-2 months late and look like cheap newspapers compared to those colorful, glossy magazines from other $15-20 per
year membership non-profit organizations?

3) Do you think you might be more motivated if you could read more articles about average cyclists participating in 12/24/48 hour events? Would you like to know more about these events?

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