E-mail to Managing Director's Friends

Some of the outsiders got the e-mail below from the Managing Director calling for attacks on two UMCA female members. This action was clearly a call for termination of the Managing Director according to the contract. The UMCA, however, ignored what easily would be a lawsuit and the Managing Director never publicly denied this.

This is still under investigation.

Original e-mail forwarded from an anonymous tipster and validated by a different anonymous tipster forwarding the same thing:

Subject: Favor
Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 11:55:19 EDT
From: UMCAHQ@aol.com
To: __________________

Hi ________

I hope all is well!

You're on the ultra chat list at Topica and you've probably seen the many malicious messages from Cindi Staiger, Seana Hogan and othes. As a result of all of this Joe Jamison, a very good man, has decided to resign. Their attacks drove him out of the UMCA.

Would you please post a note to Topica - in your own words - making two points:

1) the posts of a few people have have destroyed the value of this forum. If you want you can be specific - the posts of Cindi Staiger and Seana Hogan have so poisoned the forum that . . . or, if you prefer, don't name names.
2) as a result you are unsubscribing and from now on will rely on the Google group for you information about the sport. You are already a member and that is where we will post any UMCA and RAAM information.

Many thanks!

John Hughes
Managing Director
UltraMarathon Cycling Association
PO Box 18028
Boulder, CO 80308-1028


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