Election of a Non-UMCA member (who publicly resigned his membership)

The appointed Vice President of UMCA publicly resigned from his office and the election. He also withdrew his UMCA membership. Original public e-mail:

This is a sad day for me. I am withdrawing from the election, resigning all offices which I currently hold as well as my membership in the UMCA which dates from 1986 effective this date.There have been too many implications by too many people to use legal action for ?what? My God...it's a bike club...are you crazy?? I personally don't know of anything that has transpired that would justify that action, but I'm at the age where I couldn't recover from a financial penalty if there was one and I can't trust you people to be reasonable. I've 14 grandchildren who may need my support for college and the risk isn't fair to them.Don't bother to flame me or gloat that you finally drummed out one of Hughes' cronies. I won't be reading it. I'm unsubscribing and I will NOT take calls, or e-mail from ANY UMCA member. I'm done!

Joe Jamison

The Managing Director's e-mail of support:
Joe and I have been good friends for many years. Joe has chaired the JMC for the past four years, a time of tremendous growth in the program. Joe also puts on the UltraMidwest series - two double centuries and the 24/12/6 hour races.

Joe is a good man. He's worked very hard on the JMC and on promoting events. He's given a tremendous amount to this sport.

It is absolutely outrageous that people would express such venom on the listserv that Joe would decide to resign.

Staiger, your malicious posts are a clear example of why RAAM refuses to allow you to officiate. They demonstrate why one year in RAAM your crew dumped all your gear out of the van, drove off and left you. You haven't done squat for the UMCA - and your vicious remarks have driven a fine man out of the UMCA.

Read through UltraCycling since 1998. Do you find any articles by Staiger? Do you find any programs she is helping as a volunteer . . . or even participating in?

I am very saddened that Staiger has driven Joe out of the UMCA; however, I support Joe's decision 100%. I've written him to thank him for all he has done and to let him know that I value our friendship above all. And I am very sorry that comments on the listserv have caused him to resign.


As of this post, the UMCA owners (all of the members out there) didn't see any public post that indicated Jamison was back as a UMCA member. The first known public report of Jamison being back is after UMCA counted Joe Jamison's ballot and elected him. The UMCA members at large can only wonder if he came back because the Managing Director and others realized he would win the election even through he publicly took off. The members repeatedly asked the UMCA why Jamison was included in the election and got no straight answer so far. Thus, when thinking along the line of the law, the UMCA elected a non-member and this is legally in violation of the UMCA's Bylaws. The UMCA decided to not communicate with the UMCA members questioning this and made Joe Jamison a new Board of Director and he’s now the UMCA President.

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