Conflicts of the "Lee Mitchel letter"

A losing candidate, Bill Palmer, submitted his biography to the UMCA secretary, for publication in the voter package in Ultra Cycling Magazine. Bill Palmer’s opening sentence in the bio he emailed to the UMCA read as follows: “Thank you Lee ‘Fuzzy’ Mitchell for nominating me to run for the UMCA Board of Directors.” This opening sentence was missing in the voter package in Ultra Cycling Magazine. This was a very important sentence for Palmer and for the UMCA Management. If this sentence were to appear, it would not coincide with the Lee Mitchell endorsement letter. It would look odd that Mitchell endorsed six particular candidates in his letter, of which Palmer was not one.

In fact, Mitchell also publicly nominated Mavis Irwin to run for the Board of Directors and yet she was not one of the six people he endorsed in his “Lee Mitchell letter.”

Bill Palmer has produced his original email to the UMCA with the date stamp on his emailed statement and will send anyone else his copy of the letter containing his statement. Despite several requests to the UMCA since August, no copy of the statement Palmer sent to the UMCA has been produced. They contend that Palmer is lying about the omitted opening sentence.

Another losing candidate, Seana Hogan, had an editor’s note added to her published biography in the UMCA magazine, noting her relationship with another candidate. The UMCA editor should have checked with Hogan prior to editing information in her submitted biography. The UMCA’s response was it was wrong of Seana to “hide” her relationship to another candidate. She was not hiding her marriage to Pat Enright (also a losing candidate) – she didn’t feel it had a place in her 150-word limit candidate statement.

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