Outline of Mavis's 2008 Public Letters to UMCA

Unlike the other posts I am in change of managing on this blog, my letters to UMCA is my own personal action. Older letters at bottom, newer ones on top.--Mavis Irwin, UMCA member.

July 29: Managing Director's contract is renewed.

July 20: 21-month old messages summarized.

July 6: Lessons from history: How stable is UMCA-RAAM's partnership?

June 27: Offer of apology still stands.

April 28: Couragous UMCA members then a stirred crowd containing public personal questions and attacks

April 21: UMCA membership went down and election results

March 25: Question about article 3 and not article 12 reportingly reviewed

March 25: Letter asking UMCA why they rejected SaveUMCA's financial assistance and didn't note in the magazine that the assistance was offered. ($8,600 was used for legal advice with the note about certain people--indirectly the SaveUMCA--causing this to happen.)

March 15th: Attendence to open up the communicating channels between UMCA and SaveUMCA, but got personal attacks from UMCA's Vice President instead.

March 8-12th: Response to lawsuit threat from RAAM LLC

February 17-27th: Why UMCA needs an UMCA Managing Director replacement

February 17th (and other dates listed in link): Questions relating Marino's 13-page RAAM Report

February 17th (and other dates listed in link): Questions relating Fred Boethling, the RAAM President/CEO, at UMCA's executive committee meeting

February 6-8th: Discussion with BoD Jerry Segal

January 28th: First wave of questions being answered by Board's Liaison

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