First (and only?) wave of questions being answered by Board's Liaison

January 28th, 2008 at 4:12 PM

Dear UMCA government,

I know I already asked you this question before, but I have to mention it again. It is indeed important for the UMCA members to know the status of the managing director's contract. This kind of thing have to be posted as news on the ultracycling site and published in the Ultracycling magazine since all UMCA members legally owns UMCA and is paying the employee here. It has been four weeks pass the expired date as of today already.

We do need to know what is going on. I strongly advice you to post something relating this on the ultracycling site ASAP.

Also, there is a couple of Bylaw head-ups:
1) The entire Board must be involved in the managing director's contract discussion and vote. The ExComm doing this alone will be a violation.
2) If the contract was expired and the managing director continues to be paid, this will also be a violation.

Hi Mavis, I am getting to these one at a time. That way we avoid confusion. The MD is working on an interim contract basis through the end of February at which time either a new contract will be signed, the present one extended again temporarily, or not renewed. The interim contract was made retroactive from the beginning of January. The full board does take part in this process. That does not mean there is unanimity. The website is not considered the official record, rather Ultracycling Magazine is the record. Essentially employment matters are confidential for the most part for obvious reasons. The MD works for the Board, the Board works for the membership. When a new contract is signed I am sure it will be announced. It may be until the end of February before that takes place. This is my understanding of things. I hope this answers your question. Thanks. Rick
Mavis, I have not had the time to look at the blog lately. I apologize for that. If there is something that you feel is really pressing let me know; otherwise, I may end up missing it. I will try to get to the blog this weekend. Sorry about that, but I am in a master's program, doing an internship and working full time. Some things slip through the cracks. I hope all is well. Thanks. Rick
Absoluately. I am in the doctorate program and working part time in addition to carrying this burden of people calling me names. I hadn't updated the blog yet, but there is one more important question relating the contract: Who approved the interim contract? The board? (You see...anything less would still be a violation of the by-laws.) I suggest you to take it easy. I will resend the two other questions later so you can reply all. I know that not the entire board know what was going on and it will be helpful for them. Mavis
Mavis, Thank you for your advice. I will. I know that the full board did okay the interim contract. The EC recommended it, but as you note it has to be the full board. Thanks for your patience. Rick

January 28th, 2008 at 4:01 PM
Dear UMCA government,

I recall that about late Feburary of last year, UMCA got the insurance for the Board of Directors. This insurancecoverage will expire at the end of next Feburary. Will you be renewing it since UMCA is now owning the title of RAAM? You know, I understood that having UMCA owning the title of the race is carrying lawsuit risks for the volunteers on the Board. Thus, why you sent me and all other candidates a proof of your insurancecoverage. I hope I am helping you remember this important thing.

Hi Mavis, I have been asked to answer your question concerning insurance. The policy was renewed, it is adequate for the needs of the organization based on board discussions. The amounts of coverage will not be shared. This only makes good business sense. I hope this answers your question. If not let me know. Thanks. Rick

January 28th, 2008 at 3:55 PM

Dear UMCA government (and the new Liaison),

I spoke with Rick Hays last week for several days and I am recognizing his position.
I however believe in order for the communication to stay good betweenthe UMCA members's elected representatives (Board of Directors) and the UMCA members, it is important for the UMCA members to be able to continue contacting their elected BoD directly. Thus, I will continue to send you e-mails directly.

Question relating this: Did the entire Board vote to approve having the Liaison? After all, the Liaison iscalled the Board's Liaison and this Liaison is currently the non-elected volunteer between the UMCA members and those they elected.

A UMCA member kindly pointed out to me that my "We are on the record. Off the record is an option." was unclear.What I meant by that was that you can answer my questions and I will post your replies on public blog for otherUMCA members to see. You however can choice to answer, but tell me to not put it on the blog. I am interested in only the answers to the provided questions and I meant to note that I am giving you three weeks to answer. Sure, you should feel free to not answer too.

(Rick, I know you already answered that one, but I promised I will publicly write about this directly to the Board.)


Response: (Couldn't find Rick's answer to this for some reason.)

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