Managing Director's contract was renewed

Dear UMCA government,

I still didn't find any information relating specifically why the RAAM's CEO/President was in the UMCA's executive committee meeting, which was making amendments to the UMCA Bylaws. If one looks up the report of this particular meeting in the Nov-Dec 2007 Ultracycling magazine, one will see why the members are having a problem with this report: More of their rights are taken away and there were no amendments relating the UMCA government's rights--which meant the UMCA government's actions are still in violation of the UMCA Bylaws. I asked you this particular question more times than I cared to count for 8 months:

As the UMCA members paying close attention to what was going on already are knowing, John Hughes is not a good leader anymore. He used to do good things when he first started 9 years ago, but he is now having way too much control and has a history of personal attacking people on both Topica and UMCA's yahoo lists. His attacks on people who are brave enough to voice their opinions he disliked is clearly what could terminate him as stated in his old contract. Furthermore, he lied to the UMCA Board of Directors. (All of this is on the blog.) Yet, the UMCA Board accepted the new contract, which will run through to early 2014, which is unnaturally long for this kind of job. See the news from UMCA website:

The Board's Liaison said in a private e-mail to me three weeks ago that the Board is aware of the UMCA member's concern about the soundness of UMCA-RAAM's partnership as stated in my letter discussing the lessons from history. I now question whether this is true because I already discussed the problem with keeping John Hughes as the UMCA Managing Director mainly since he's also an investor of RAAM LLC and strongly suggested getting a replacement. See my February letter:

As you already know from my letters, I said I would do my part in helping clean up the mess. ( ) This however can't happen without open communication between UMCA government and members concerning the questions left hanging. Some of the questions I am taking care of are unfortunately still being asked by others nearly two years ago. At this point, I felt like you wanted to continue displaying your dirty laundry instead of working this out. Is that true? If yes, you have awfully a lot of walking to do at this point.


Collection of the public evidences that are concerning the UMCA members can be found here:

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