Offer of apology still stands

June 27th:

I publicly wrote on March 16th that I will be more than happy to write an apology to be published in the UMCA magazine, but how this can't happen without communication between UMCA government and UMCA members about what the members were questioning about.

This March 16th letter can be found on the bottom of this post:

Well...I reviewed the old e-mails during the peak of RAAM season and there is a pattern showing. Pervious to my March 16th letter, UMCA's BoD members and committee members used to talk to SaveUMCA and other UMCA members. After my March 16th letter containing the offer of apologizing, UMCA government members apart from the Board Liaison is unnaturally quiet.

Sorry to say, but this is indirectly suggesting UMCA's government is refusing to communicate with the UMCA members wanting to know whether the UMCA-RAAM partnership is stable. Is it stable??? UMCA did publish a few details, but the public is still missing details concerning the long term future of both UMCA and RAAM.

We want specific answers and we do have the rights to know whether our UMCA will be stable or not. My offer of apology if we mishandled the evidence available to the public will never be withdrawn.


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