21-month old messages summarized

Dear UMCA government (and others),

The UMCA members are still complaining about RAAM’s involvement in UMCA’s business ranging from being in the meeting where the amendments for the Bylaws were made to silencing certain people. The members are disturbed by the behavior of the UMCA government, especially because they voted and passed the old Bylaws back in 2003 and the new changes as reported in UMCA’s Nov-Dec 2007 magazine were concerning their membership rights and basically nothing was done to fit the current UMCA government’s actions such as which RAAM officer can represent RAAM on the UMCA Board and whether this same RAAM officer is authorized to be in UMCA’s reported executive committee meeting.

Observably, once the kind of actions like the examples above were done and not reversed, it's a matter of time before more of UMCA members' rights are taken away and where does that likely will lead us? UMCA is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit and RAAM is still a for-profit whether RAAM is profiting or not.

We must take legal steps in making the UMCA-RAAM partnership work without conflict of non-profit and for-profit business interests or having both organizations re-separated to protect both organizations’ business interests.

Happy cycling,


Hi Mavis,

I believe that you have received answers regarding RAAM representative at a board meeting. I am not sure what else can be done to explain things or to alleviate your concerns. I would suggest that any legal action will take limited time and financial resources away from a small organization that can ill afford the loss.

Thank you. Rick

UMCA (Rick),

1) Rick, my e-mails may be my own writing, but they represents the concerns of many UMCA members. I believe I reminded you about this as much as you are reminding me that your writing is not representing your own opinions. "Your" replies do need to be sent to at least all of the addresses I am currentlyusing including the yahoo group list.

2) For years, UMCA published the UMCA meeting reports in the UMCA magazines. I didn't see any report(s) in the magazines answering the UMCA member's questions concerning the RAAM officer taking part in the executive committee meeting held last October and it's one of the UMCA member's biggestquestions. I didn't see one concerning the RAAM officer/representitive of the wrong title at "a" Board meeting either. (This is now for way more than one Board meeting.) Please tell me and everybody else where to find the report(s). Thanks.

3) UMCA's (as in the e-mail above) advice concerning the legal actions should be given to RAAM LLC, who hired a lawyer and sent me a legal threat letter without talking to me or possibly anyone else first. If you read my last e-mail, "Lessons from history--is the UMCA-RAAM partnership stable?", I said the legal actions is a waste of money and time and there is a better way to work this out, but it only will happen if UMCA is willing to communicate and discuss the actions too.

Happy cycling,


Hi Mavis,

With all due respect I will only respond to the author of any email. I have no idea if all of those cc'ed have any desire to receive unsolicited emails.

I would ask that you send questions regarding RAAM, LLC directly to that corporation. That would be the appropriate place to seek information for that organization.

Your questions regarding board meetings and whom attended have been answered. I believe all board meeting minutes etc are available online. If I am mistaken about that I apologize. As to whether certain questions were answered; I do not set, nor even know the board's meeting agenda. I do not believe the board will answer the same questions just because the respondent did not care for the answer.

Thanks. Rick



Unfortunately, I already have most of the RAAM inventors in the address list here ever since last Spring and none of them answered my questions about RAAM's actions within UMCA yet.

I believe you understood you are the Board's spokesperson and it's important for them to know what you were saying to the UMCA members they are representing. It's their choice to use the trash can or not. Who get to view the replies is apparently not the spokespeople's choice at all--and that applies to me too. You said you accepted the Board liaison position to help the communication between the Board and UMCA members flowing. Well, please help keep the communication channels open and available to all for everyone's sake!


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